Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Two Mad Dog Set Lists (from the same day)

1. ROCK 'N' ROLL. (Drums) Alan
2. 20TH CENTURY BOY. (Guitar) A&B
3. TAKE ME BAK 'OME. (Guitar) Barb
4. HOT LOVE. (Guitar/Drums) A&B
5. NO MORE MR. NICE GUY. (Guitar) Alan
6. EVERYDAY. (Guitar) Barb.
7. ALL THE YOUNG DUDES. (Guitar/Pete) Alan
8. COZ I LUV YOU. (Guitar) Barb
9. HANG ONTO YOURSELF. Guitar/Drums) A
10. JEEPSTER. (Drums) A&B
11. SCHOOL'S OUT. (Guitar) Alan
12. STAY WITH ME. (Guitar/Pete) Barb.

1. DYNA-MITE. (Guitar) Barb
2. TELEGRAM SAM. (Guitar) Alan
3. CADILAC. (Guitar) Barb
4. THE JEAN GENIE. (Guitar) Alan
5. GUDBUY T'JANE. (Drums) Barb
6. DREAMY LADY. (Guitar) Alan
7. LASER LOVE. (Guitar) A&B
8. LOOK AT LAST NITE. (Guitar) Barb
9. CRACKED ACTOR. (Guitar) Alan
10. SWEET MEDLEY. (Guitar) Barb
11. THE GROOVER. (Guitar) Alan
12. WOODLAND ROCK. (Vocal) Alan
13. ROCK AND ROLL ALL NITE. (Drums) Barb
14. DO YOU WANNA TOUCH ME? (Drums) Alan

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