Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Boomerang Setlist

Rock and roll part2
20th Century Boy
Take me back ome
School's out
Dyn o mite
Everyday ` slade
Sweet medley
No more Mr. Nice
Do you wanna Touch
Born to boogie
Cuz I love you
All the young dudes
Hang on to yourself

The Boomerang is still a bar, but no longer the Boomerang. It's on Haight Street Up close to Golden Gate Park. I remember we were up high on the stage, looking past the long crowded bar to a crowd of kids peeking at the door to see what was going on in a place that they weren't allowed to go into. There was a lightshow on us and a fog machine. One gig, my Bass strap broke in the middle of a set and I had to sit down really quick before it smashed.

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